Slack Integration with Pavlok



What the Pavlok/Slack integration can do

Slack is the hot new tool to communicate with teams quickly and efficiently.  Many companies already use Slack to communicate with team members both as groups and individually.  It is a great way to keep everyone in the loop!

Though there are apps for our phones and desktop notifications to alert users when called out by team members. Important convo you’d like someone to give input on, but they aren’t answering their messages?  Send them a vibrate, beep, or even zap them to get their attention!

Pretty cool, right?

Click here to complete step 1: Login with Pavlok.

You will use the same login as you are currently using on the Pavlok app on your phone.  The wristband connects to the app, which connects to slack.  The first portion allows Slack to access your Pavlok.


Once you sign in, you will need to authorize Slack to integrate with your Pavlok account.

A confirmation will show that the integration was successful.

The second portion installs the integration into Slack.

Click here to complete step 2: Connect Slack.

Click the button to add the Pavlok Stimuli to Slack.

Slack will ask you to verify that you would like to allow Pavlok Stimuli to Slack (Pavlok is the Slack team name in this example).


Once the authorization is complete, you will receive the following message:

You’re all set!  The integration is complete.

To send a stimuli to someone on your Slack team, they will need to follow the same directions above.  Once they do, you can send stimuli!  In Slack, type: /pavlok, the stimuli, @ the person you’d like to stimulate.  If you do not choose a %, the stimuli will automatically be sent at 50%.

You can increase or decrease the % of the stimuli by adding the % to the end of the command.




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