How to Stop Cravings Using your Pavlok

What if you don’t want to eliminate a habit, but instead want to reduce it? Maybe you want to eat a little less sugar, or cut down on alcohol.

Wear the Pavlok on your wrist and only zap if you start to do the undesired action. As you have a craving or do the habit, zap yourself at each step. The more often you zap yourself while craving or doing it, the faster you’ll see the cravings reduce.

The 3 Step Process

1. Determine the bad habit that you want to eliminate. Set aside 5 minutes a day for 5-10 days to perfom the habit purposely and zap.  Wear your Pavlok throughout the day. Notice when you start to do the undesired action.

2. Zap yourself when you notice that you are having the impulse.  Add a few zaps while you do the undesired action.

3. Do this as often as you can to keep the craving low. If it starts to increase, add more zaps. If you feel like the craving is dropping too fast, reduce the frequency of your zap.

After 5 days, check in with yourself and determine your progress. You should notice a significant reduction or elimination of your cravings. Continue using this process until you feel an aversion towards the cravings – and you no longer have the craving.

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