How to Stop a Custom Habit Using your Pavlok

Pavlok’s most powerful use case is to break bad habits. To break a habit, you should force yourself to perform that action repeatedly for at least 5 days (but ideally 10). Set aside 5 minutes each day and force yourself to do the action – even when you feel like stopping! If you push through for the full 5-10 days, the habit will usually stay broken.

Breaking a Bad Habit

Determine the bad habit that you want to eliminate. Set aside 5 minutes a day for 5-10 days.

For those 5 minutes, force yourself to do the bad habit 2 or undesired actions. Zap yourself at each step of the habit. Force yourself to complete the full 5 minutes and at least 5 days, even if you think the habit is

After 5 days, check in with yourself and determine your progress. You should notice a signi cant reduction or elimination of the habit. Continue using this process until you feel an aversion towards the habit – and you no longer desire to do it.


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