Tasha Stopped Eating Sugar


We all have one of those friends.

When she’s around…

You spend more than you budgeted for.

You don’t eat as well.

You have a few too many drinks.

She’s no good for you and you know it, but still you keep hanging out.

THAT’S REFINED SUGAR.american-sugar-consumption

Sugar is terrible for you. It rots your teeth. It makes you fat. It ruins your sleep. And it’s empty calories — no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats and no enzymes.

And yet the average American eats over 100 lbs of sugar every single year. FYI that is 11350 spoons of sugar and 170250 calories — which takes 314 hours of running to burn off.

Not surprisingly, “sugar” is one of the most common things people want to quit.

Today I’m sharing with you the story of Tasha, who used Pavlok to quit sugar in 1 day AND built a habit of going to the gym 5 days per week. In her words: “obviously it feels incredible.”

This Girl Had Serious Problems

stop eating sugar tasha

Tasha tried for years to quit eating sugar.

She could make it a day or two, but it always crept back into her life.

“I turned to eating sugar to make myself feel better whenever I was tired, which was basically all the time.”

And it was a serious problem.

“I felt pretty bad all the time. My clothes were barely fitting, and beyond appearance I felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential and that my energy wasn’t as high as it could have been.”

Tasha wasn’t sure if Pavlok’s electric shock would help her quit eating sugar. But relying on willpower had failed over and over, so she was willing to give it a shot.

Result: Quits Sugar In 1 Day, Going To Gym 5 Days Per Week

When Tasha’s Pavlok arrived, she got started that same day.

“First it shows up in the mail and I put the shocky device into the apparatus.”

Side note: Pavlok is a rechargeable shocking module that fits into a wrist band.

“Then what I did first to stop eating sugar was I would take a sugary item I would usually eat such as peanut butter cream pie from House of Pies and I would shock myself while eating it, and the idea was eventually I wouldn’t want to eat it anymore.”

The shock was extremely effective.

“I ate the pie, I shocked myself. I did not enjoy the shocking process! And in the first day I didn’t eat any refined sugar. That was pretty cool because I had tried all kinds of diets before and not had those immediate results.”

Day 2? No refined sugar.

Day 3? No refined sugar.

“What I noticed was if I had a craving for sugar, and I had a lot of cravings during the first week… I didn’t want to shock myself so I wouldn’t eat the food in the first place. That turned into a week, and then two weeks and now I’m about three weeks in and I haven’t had any refined sugar… I feel like I’m back in control of my relationship with food.”

And since Tasha had such great results with quitting sugar, she started using Pavlok to build a good habit: getting to the gym 5 days per week.

“Obviously it feels incredible”

For Tasha, quitting sugar was a step to the real goal: looking and feeling better.

“How does it feel to go in 3 weeks from eating a bunch of crap to only eating beautiful whole food, and not working out at all to working out 5 days a week? Obviously it feels incredible. I feel confident in myself and my ability to follow through on something. I feel so much healthier and much more vibrant and just happier altogether.”

Here’s my favorite part:

“I am really surprised that it worked, because I tried so many different things to motivate myself into making new habits, but [Pavlok] is really the first thing that worked for me. And my quality of life has changed so much in the last three weeks that it’s almost stupid. I just look so different and I feel so different.”

Very well done.



12 thoughts on “Tasha Stopped Eating Sugar

  1. That’s great, but i don’t understand how the Pavlok helped you to go to the gym 5 days a week – did you shock yourself if you didn’t go to the gym?!

    1. User Avatar

      Yes! She shocked herself when she didn’t go to the gym. In the future, the Pavlok app will record GPS location, and vibrate, beep and eventually shock to push you to go to the gym.

  2. Can’t wait to get mine! Do you think this would work to get out of my comfort zone (= kick fear in the ass)? Like if I’m afraid of tlking to strangers on the street, could it work if I shock myself whenever the little voice in my head tells me “don’t do it”? Did you think about such an use of the product or is this a new angle? Because if so, the device would be even more revolutionary than it already is!

    PS : Tell Chris that I say “BLUEBIRD”, and tell him to send me an email if he got it!

  3. Hey Michael! That’s cool! yep of course, that would be a crazy integration though…
    Do you have any studies on this? Would love to hear more about it, it would make a great blog post!

  4. A couple questions:

    1. Can shocks be used to break 2 or more habits simultaneously? Or is it one at a time?

    2. Once a habit is broken through the use of the Pavlok and the user moves on to a new habit, how does the body know that the same stimuli (shocks) are being used to break the new habit instead of the old habit?

    1. User Avatar

      1. we recommend when you first start with pavlok to focus on one habit and master the process, after that you can try multi-habit

      2. its not the body, its the brain, and a simple way to think of it is “what is my attention focussed on right when the shock is delivered”, this helps link the habit & shock

  5. Thanks. A couple follow up questions:

    1. Can you expand on this a little more? So with multi-habit, I am shocking myself whenever I think of doing a habit I want to break?

    2. I consider the brain to be part of the body ; ).

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