How to Wake Up Using your Pavlok

When we wake up, most of us are at our groggiest. It’s often easier to repeatedly hit the snooze button over and over (and over) until we nally have to get out of bed.

One of the reasons this happens is because we get woken up in the middle of deep sleep. At that stage, it’s incredibly dif cult to control ourselves or our actions. Pavlok helps kick you out of that state with adrenaline.

Quit Snoozing

Wear your Pavlok to bed.  Before going to sleep, set your Pavlok alarm. Choose the stimuli you’d like to wake you. Would you like a chance to wake up without a zap? Choose stimuli with a vibration or beep first as a warning, and then only receive a zap if you don’t wake up and turn off the alarm. Know that won’t work? Start off with a zap to wake you up and get you moving!

When you wake up, if you’ve given yourself a warning stimuli before the zap, get up! If you don’t get up, or start with a zap right out of the gate, the zap will kick you out of the automatic mode of trying to sleep in.

Jump out of bed – with adrenaline. Turn off your alarm clock and start your morning routine.


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